Wadis Brothers

Wadis Brothers

Martini Lounges and Supper clubs

Multiple sightings of the Wadis Brothers, making us loose count of their numbers. As the season unfolds and the hostess have opened their halls to entertainments that tingles the mind with their varied designs and ferocities, the Brothers are playing the arena like champions. No damsel is left unattended, no gathering is deemed to lowly. Where there is a sparkle to notice there is a brother in tow.


Always a gentleman, Sir Wadis and his brothers can be counted on to be your reliable support during those tedious parties. Unabashed by the still glimpsed hints of their Arabian heritage, they can hold his own in any gathering. We can spot them in a crowd by their distinctive trench and their inability to stay constant. There is a graceful flow to their movements that are never truly captured  by the mind as one views it, as there is no predictability to them. Coupled with their personality that has a hint of the feminine and a subtle shimmer, there is just something about them that cannot be easily ignored or forgotten.

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