The colourful Mrs. Trent and her daughters

The colourful Mrs. Trent and her daughters


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It can be unanimously agreed that no one knows their clothing better than Mrs. Trent.  Talking to our corespondent today she stated “Ladies today depend entirely on the written word and wear or carry whatever is decreed fashionable. It seems impossible for them to come to a rational conclusion about appearance. The constant companionship of a mirror teaches them naught. They are constantly viewing their clothes and their frills independently of themselves, and that is why they seldom harmonise” Leading this thought to finality “The Trent Finishing School for young Ladies” is soon to be underway.

Mrs. Trent is an independent soul. A lady through and through but she and her daughters can give Mr. jade a run for their money with their complexities. 

They are know for their layers and layers of different individuality. With their hints of spicy personality, they are equally sweet. A lady truest ahead of her times, a true contemporarè

Just when u think you have them figured they will surprise you with a different aspect of themselves all together.

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