The Jades

The Jades

The Enigmatic Mr. Jade

The Dens under fire: FARO TALES
From the Gossip Archive
More than one young buck came away from the Faro tables this season with stories of a gentleman with the hooded eyes and devil’s luck. Leaving none unscathed, the whispers are following one Mr. Jade again. But who dares question one so enigmatic?


Mr. Jade is a complex creature. Descended from the moors, you may detect some iridescent suppressed mysteries in his smokey velvety air.

You might even guess that the gentleman actually enjoys an occasional sin but are unlikely to ever confirm this. He will seem rebelliously conventional in her straight-lined persona and utterly exotic as he surprises you with his unexpected turns of moods. But above all as you will get to know him, you will discover his hints of truly hedonistic colours and that will draw you surprisingly and yet delightfully to him.

PARTNERS IN CRIME: The Jades tie the Knot
Society News
Everyone was left in a tizzle when former Miss Ancilla made her latest appearance sporting an unmistakable Jade Family wedding ring. Admiration and delight ran hand in hand as its opulence was taken into account, undiminished by the bordering vulgarity of the situation. However it can safely be said that the two have tied their knot in a clandestine ceremony, much to the disapproval of the society matrons.
Taking one of our eligible bachelors off the mama’s market, is an offence probably none will easily forgive Mrs. Jade for, but who can resist such a rare gem.


Mrs. Jade is her husbands true match. 

Imbibed with a sense of mystery, that even her better half can not unravel, she is an enigma through and through.

Intricate and complex, Mrs. Jade doesn’t believe in following the convention of society. A small town girl, she decided to reconstruct the straight lines of her simple up bringing up into such a complex network of lines that it drew the interest of our very own Mr. Jade.

Matching his hedonistic tendencies and an tendency to climb the social ladder in leaps by leaps, Mrs. Jade is an interesting addition to our collection.