a home grown brand that believes in creating a range of handcrafted bags to add an eclectic edge to your wardrobe

The Garnish Company is a brand that personifies luxurious accessories that add timeless individuality to ones style. We try and encapsulates the  moods of today’s modern, fashion-forward, Indian woman; the one who can carry any look with the right accessories that are tasteful, elegant and yet unabashedly experimental. 

Handmade with attention to details our pieces are rooted in fine Indian craftsmanship as we use multiple classical techniques to highlight and embellish our bags. We often combine prints with impeccable embroidery and contemporary styling to create bags that can be versatile enough to be styled  traditionally with Indianwear or with westerns.

About Us

The Garnish co. spins some modern-day fairy tales through its products by exploring humour in the peculiarities of human whimsies, after all nature is glorious because of its imperfections. Our products have a background story that can be enjoyed and connected with, as you explore our range, through their individual collections.

About the Designer

Drawn to unique designs, prints and embroideries, Geetanjali Singh started The Garnish Company as an outlet to her creative energies.

The Garnish Company is a brain child combining the designers two favourites, design and literary love. Utilising the rich talents of our local Indian artisans and an array of unique embellishments, she has created a range of fashion accessories that have a contemporary twist and are given a further individuality with background stories.

Educated from Mayo College Girls School, Geetanjali Singh is a double graduate, holding a degree in Sociology as well as Accessory design. She is an ardent traveller and a true fan of magic realism, glimpses of which can be spotted in her work.

When she is not busy creating fabulous accessories and concocting crazy stories, the designer can be found playing a doting mother of two in her little gingerbread house.