Meet the Scatterbrains

Meet the Scatterbrains

Our very first collection inspired from an affluent family of a bygone era..


From the Gazette: There never was a finer prospect of a grander unveiling. The Scattershots add another gem to their collection, unmatched for its beauty. A true sovereign of style and elegance. Unavailable for comment, the audience waits breathless for further details, bubblies in hand, the mood in heavy with exceptions and intrigue ..


The Scatterbrains siblings are a natural by-product of a privileged lifestyle.  Surrounded by the shimmer of riches, they are an epitome of class and style. They reflect an expensive upkeep, are hard to ignore in a crowd and are always tastefully turned out. 

Yet with all their birthright advantageousness they gracefully bear the curse of their family name “Scatterbrains”. Incapable of any serious connected thought, this enchanting gene pool has had no exceptions for a very long time. Rumour has it that this unusual phenomenon dates back as far back as the 1780–90.

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